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A Fall Harvest

Fall in Kentucky is usually marked by a lot of heat and a whiplashing drop to freezing temperatures. Fall 2020 is different. We've had great weather cool, sweet mornings and evenings and only three days with a high of 80. What a gift! Farmers are in the fields working hard to get the harvest in and preparing for winter. It has honestly been such a refreshing turn of events for a crazy year! (please forget the election and enjoy this for a moment)

I am writing to encourage you to savor the season! Pick some pumpkins, bake something with apples, and enjoy the season. Here are a few snapshots of our team enjoying the fall weather. While you're out in the fall weather, snap a picture and share it with us #supportlocalfarmers and #supportfallfun while you're at it! This is our friend Hudson checking cows with his pop, Tim Little. Try to top this amount of southern fun and tag us! Happy Fall, Y'all!

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