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Tim Thompson | Supporting Local Creativity

When you see this photo I know you've got to make the connection between the axe and the log cabin behind it. Tim Thompson is one of the coolest guys we know here in this part of the country. He's a dreamer and a doer, an uncommon combination to say the least. His lumber business is interesting but the creative paint projects and automobiles he's got are where it gets cool. This tall Paul Bunyan was brought across the country to stand here greeting friends who approach the lumber yard. He was repainted and is now in tip top shape.

Tim has always been an advocate for friends and neighbors supporting local, investing in this town for so many years in new and interesting ways. I can remember him setting up an outside tv screen to play movies for friends here in Elkton. His newest neat find is this Paul Bunyan at the lumber yard. Watch this video to see just what I mean...

We love seeing cool people like this in our community who really make it a better place. I could go on and on about his impressive paint jobs, but for now, take a drive and wave hello to Todd County's newest lumberjack!

Here's what Tim had to say about Mr. Paul!


Cumberland Ridge Forest Products LLC, located at 1300 Old Railroad Lane, Guthrie, Ky, has taken on a new employee. His name is Paul Bunyan, he was hired to greet customers and people of the community. Paul was born in 1963 at International Fiberglass in Venice California. His first job was greeting customers at an automotive business in Chicago, Illinois. After about 25 years, he moved to a bar and restaurant in the Chicago area. In the mid 1990’s he took a new job at a campground in Wisconsin. After many years, the campground closed and Paul was left by himself laying in the weeds.

Tim Thompson, the owner of Cumberland Ridge, met Paul about 2 years ago and made him an offer, we would help him get back on his feet if he would come and work with us. So after a year and a half of restoration, Paul was restored to better than new condition and was placed next to the office to welcome customers and people who pass by. If you happen to be in our area stop by and say “hi” to Paul, he loves visitors and enjoys posing with people for photos.

Tim Thompson


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