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G&S Embroidery | Support Local Business

There aren't many people with the special creative gene Nick Gresham, the part owner of G&S, possesses. If he can see it, he can draw it, which is probably why his print and embroidery shop has flourished in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. When I have a free moment and hundreds of creative ventures fill my brain, I know I am not alone. I know somewhere he is doing the same thing, creating his own dreams and writing them down.

The print shop produces all different kinds of products for customers and businesses in hopkinsville and abroad. I can remember being in middle school and hearing about the inside pockets he stitched for a pair of Kelly Clarkson's jeans. As an American idol fan, I did my best to keep that memory. With the plethora of online ordering of T-shirts that exists in the world today, G&S offers something unique. They bring inspiration and talent to the table, all you need is an idea. After all- that is the gift of creative people, they act as a form of transportation for those of us with less creative juju. They help bring our dreams into reality and somehow make them better than they were when they were locked inside our minds. G&S is this form of transportation everyday, for south central Kentucky. We love supporting local businesses that are incredibly supportive of their customers- it's like our thing. Do you need help transporting your dreams to the reality we live in? Call them today. #supportlocalbusiness #supportlocal

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