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Writing Relationships

It's summertime in Elkton, KY and we are living in this sweet small town, worthy of it's own Hallmark movie, selling insurance. It's not always glamorous but it is always full of people who join us, allowing us to write more than insurance policies. We hear when their teenagers get their drivers permits, when they walk down the aisle, and when they welcome a new family member, we get to share in a small part of that with them too. Every mile marker in life is accompanied by risk and we just simply manage it best we can with the right coverages and intel to know what is best for each customer. We're writing more than liability limits and additional homeowners coverages, we're writing relationships.

You may think it's cheesy, or just a marketing slogan but it's real and it's true of you too. Every moment of every day you write relationships with those around you, sometimes adding a sentence, other times writing a chapter. It's the time you spend chatting with your mailman about your past week's vacation, as you thank them for holding your mail. It's the thumbs up you grant your 16 year old waiter as you see them struggle through their first real job. It's the sticks you remove from your yard while your mower starts to cut your grass. We all are writing relationships with the people who service us and those we serve at our own jobs. It all matters and it all has the potential to make a big impact in your community.

We're preparing to write relationships this summer with our community through the annual 3rd of July Firework Show! We can't wait to see you there. Our friends from Boley's BBQ and Chaney's Dairy Barn are ready to serve you all the ice cream and pulled pork your heart desires. More than a firework show we are inviting you to join us in writing positive and encouraging relationships with those you come in contact with every day. Follow along with us as we share about the relationships we've written over the years here on the blog and on instagram by following us or searching #writingrelationships.

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