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This is Courtney Harper

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

It's another staff introduction! This is Courtney Harper and she is the one who keeps everyone sane on claim day. As the personal lines CSR, Courtney answers the hard questions on claim day and the easy ones when you add that new vehicle or welcome your youthful drivers to your policy. It is imperative to have someone with such strong attention to detail in this position and we're so thankful it is Courtney!

Courtney is the wife to Josh Harper, and has recently entered motherhood welcoming her first child this past August. She takes the hike from Lewisburg every morning to serve our customers. If you need to make a policy change, or you're interested in your policy coverages, come say hi to Courtney!

If you're looking to make her day, bring her a wassail from her favorite coffee shop, The Flying Pig in Russellville, Kentucky.

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