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Enneagram One

Courtney is an enneagram 1. Let me unpack what that means for you. If you are a one, you like labels and organization, and you probably don’t like dirty dishes in the sink. What does this mean for you as a customer? Let me tell you.

She’s going to get it right

Whatever policy you’ve got insured at our office on the personal side is in a way maintained by Courtney. That means, when your policy renews she’s on the hunt to insure you’ve got the best rate and coverages among all our companies. She’s not cutting corners or settling for whatever your renewal says. She’s finding the best option.

She’s got a process and she does it well.

Everybody loves getting a new vehicle, and everybody hates thinking about possibly getting that vehicle in an accident. Courtney is the same way. She knows what coverages you need for your vehicle and when claim day comes she takes the steps necessary to make it an painless as possible. That’s accuracy where it counts.

She follows the rules and holds the companies to their word

Independent insurance agencies have the ability to act as advocates for their customers and we love that! Courtney, like most enneagram 1s fights for what is right and throws out what is wrong. That’s the kind of person I want on my side when I file a claim. That’s the kind of person I want to insure the home I put my sweat and blood into. That’s the accuracy insurance demands.

She lets you know how it is

I am one of the many people who like to sugarcoat most everything, Courtney is not. She will tell you exactly what you are getting with complete accuracy. That is exactly what you want in someone who is taking care of your most prized possessions. You want clear and correct information. That’s what you’ll get with Courtney.

She will do what is right

When it comes to your claims, insurance coverages changes, and additions, she’s going to come through and support you as a customer. She wants to do what is right by the customer, it’s what the enneagram 1s live by and it greatly supports our office team.

Are you an Enneagram 1? Read our first post to find out how to take the assessment and get to learning!

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