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The Kinship Tales

What exactly is "The Kinship Tales," and how does it pertain to insurance? I'm glad you asked. This season at B.R.Knuckles Insurance is hoped to be one of change and betterment of the entire team. It started with a new website design, and will continue with this blog of stories. The purpose of our new hashtag "writingrelationships," is to look around at the customers we've got and those who we've yet to meet. We need honest evaluation and consistent betterment of our business. That's where you come in.

This summer we're looking to meet with current customers, new customers, and previous customers to discover what we have done well, what we are currently doing well, and what we need to revise. This series of interviews and real-life stories will be entitled "The Kinship Tales," for good reason. As we build kinship with our customers, we want to support them. We have the opportunity to share their stories like they've never been shared before.

So if we've written a solid business relationship with you in the past, or just recently, let us know. If we've bombed and missed the mark, we'd love to hear that too. We're at the listening table, all we need is you, and let the kinship begin.

If you've got a tale you'd like to tell, contact me at or at the office by phone, 270-265-9811. Let's get to it.

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