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The First Day of School

Goodbye Summer

It’s the first day of school and regardless of your age, it brings a new feel to our small town. The streets are busier in the morning, and still the square moves slower welcoming young new drivers who received permits over the summer break, coming to a sudden stop at each corner. Tobacco barns are being filled with fresh crop ready to be fired, thus ushering in the fall season even further. There is something so special about new seasons- the expectations attached to them, threaten to kill us all. Mothers and Fathers all over our town are rubbing sleepy eyes this afternoon after the hustle they endured this morning. The bittersweet taste of a new season is filling every member of this small town. Grade schools are filling up and college kids are loading their cars ready to travel back to universities near and far. It seems a bit whimsical to me, the act of it all. What about you? Are you ready to hop into this new season? Are you ready to drop your kids off at school once again on your bustling way to work each morning?

Here’s the greatest challenge you’ll face in this new season- reliving the one that has past. Your baby is not a baby anymore. They’ve grown into a high school freshman, and it is a true gift. Don’t let the gift of a new season live in the shadow of what has been. You’re a different person now and that’s ok. Your kids are growing up and that's ok. You’re not ready for summer to end and that’s ok. You’re happy your kids are gone and you’re indulging in the silence- that is also ok. It’s the first day of a new season and that is truly a gift, enjoy it.

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