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For The Love of Pets

If you're reading this, I hope you're sipping tea and curled up on your couch with a good book and a better dog. Isn't that the way we all wish to spend rainy days? If you're a cat person or a dog person, or an iguana person, you know the love of pets. For that specific reason, you've clicked the link to this blog and started reading. Maybe you were looking for sympathy for the amount of dollars and hours you've spent at your local vet clinic for things you're pet has ingested. If that's you, you couldn't be in a better place.

I have a dog and her name is Ginger. She is a miniature golden doodle and couldn't have a bigger personality. I love her dearly, and even though she is the reason I can't have nice things, she's also the reason I feel at home on south main street. I'm sure you feel the same way about your pup, regardless the number of times they've had an accident on your living room carpet. I get it. Ginger has eaten a large chunk out of a clove of garlic, a chocolate chip or two, an entire pack of sugar free gum, and a pill or two of something, all of which are toxic to dogs. The first trip to see John Laster at Todd County Animal Clinic was glorious, she received routine shots, everyone thought she was the cutest pup, (and she was) and it set me up for a road of flattery and ease with a dog named "The Forever Puppy," by none other than Pinterest. Then she got into my sister's room and ate her rosin for her cello. A simple block of wood, amber, and beeswax was completely ingested by my sweet forever puppy and that meant a rushed visit to Dr. Laster. The team at Todd County Animal Clinic is incredible, they always do an awesome job. They love pets with all they are and they truly understand the extraordinary measures that pet owners take to insure the lives of their pets.

Speaking of insurance, did you know here at B.R.Knuckles Insurance we offer pet insurance? A shameless plug for those of you lamenting over past pet bills, I know, but I seriously need you to know how incredible FIGO is for pet owners. It is simple and easy to use and helps break down those astronomical pet emergency visits. You set it up exactly how you'd like it to be set up. The deductibles, the claims, everything is customizable to each pet and each budget. If you're tired of paying out of the blue pet bills, keep consistency with FIGO. There are even plans that include funeral budgets! Pet lovers, you know who you are, this is for you and the wagging tail that greets you when to arrive home everyday. Call us in office, or check it out on our website today. Simply download the app or go to FIGO's website and check it out for more information or watch this video below to see how navigating the website it so easy.

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