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Enneagram Two

Enneagram twos fill an office space with so much good, they see needs and meet them. I elaborated on the ways the two is a great asset to any team when I introduced Tim.

BUT WAIT..there's more.

Alice has been working here with us for a long while and as the original enneagram two of the office her people skills are unmatched. She juggles the needs of her people so well. Here are some ways this personality assessment shows Alice's true colors here at the office!

She knows what to do

When customers need help with paperwork, maps, whatever it may be, she is ready to lend a hand. If you know Alice, you know she's there when you need her.

She's gonna make it right

Alice has what we call the "Crop Bible," she is dedicated to finding answers for our customers and they know that.

She really does care

It's not just about the insurance for Alice, when she asks about your family and your well being she really does care. When she says she's praying for you, she really means it. Alice is the friend you want at your side and most certainly the one you can trust with all the details of your crop insurance.

Just like Tim, our other enneagram two, Alice will be there for you. We think that's really what insurance should be for everyone, someone you can trust to be there for you.

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