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Enneagram Two

People like Tim Little are the people you want by your side and in your corn at all times. The quintessential enneagram two, Tim Little, is constantly encouraging us to build relationships with our families and our customers and friends we meet. That is what twos do. Known as the "helper" on the enneagram, these humans are supportive and kind. They embody the title "people person," because being a two means fostering relationships with lots of people.

He's here to help

Tim writes a lot of business with farmers and their families and businesses and their families. Insurance in it's nature is a piece of paper and a promise. Tim emphasizes this promise by being so hands on with customers year round. He is a fundamental part of our team.

He's a real friend

Need to get your livestock to the stockyard? An extra hand on the farm? More importantly, an ear to listen and a voice of encouragement? Tim's your guy. It's more than policies and coverages to him. It's friendship. He is the embodiment of the "friends" theme song.

He'll make it happen

Whatever lies ahead, Tim is ready to help. He is a can-do kind of individual. You can count on him on claim day and every day afterward. He's not the kind of agent that you never see or talk to. He'll make it a point serve you and your business with excellence.

He'll care for you + your family

Tim is the kind of guy to ask you about your newest grandchild or vacation and he genuinely wants to know about it. One of the best mentors I've known, he listens and cares for each person he works with. Tim loves people and he cares for his people just like you do yours. That's the kind of person I want insuring the business I've poured myself into for years.

Just cause Tim is an enneagram two, I'll share a few photos of him with his best buds.

His Grandson, Hudson. His pup, Blue.

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