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Enneagram 4

The enneagram fours are the numbers who more than any other number can sit with pain and not try to fix it or repair it, they just listen to the person dealing with it. That is something we all need in the middle of a national pandemic- someone who can listen and just be (6 feet away from you). Enneagram fours are in the heart triad of the enneagram and so highly social numbers. Here are a few ways Jenny's enneagram contribute to our overall office flow.

She knows people and cares for them

Jenny is the kind of person who everyone wants to be around. She knows farmers well and works diligently to help them by mapping fields and so many other things too.

She isn't above any task

Jenny is helpful to all employees here in the office. No job is too big or too small. Errands may be her favorite, but she is willing to help with anything.

She can fix it

Whatever is broken, she can fix it. I often joke with her about he skills by telling her we need to flip houses together, I'd design and she's know how to assemble everything. She's not afraid of a challenge if it involves working with her hands to get the job done.

She's got perfect timing

Her timing matches most of the worlds most productive timing, the afternoon! Once the morning has pasted she's ready to go, very much like her neighbor numbered father. When a job needs to get done, she'll make it happen and work until it is completed.

Do you know an enneagram 4? If you think you don't look around at your family and friends and ask the one who has the best new music playlist, my guess is they're an enneagram 4!

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