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Enneagram 3

The enneagram three is the number known best for their desire to be the best, mediocre is not an option. Like most enneagram threes, Johnny is community focused and always out for the betterment of everything he is apart of. It's why he's jumped in with no question to help me pull off every crazy event I've tried to accomplish! I've created a list of reasons why this is helpful here at the office.

They understand people

Every enneagram three I know seeks to find common ground in relationships with others. They know people well and easily dive into any topic. As an insurance agent, Johnny knows his audience which makes building relationships so much more organic.

They help us think bigger

From the very beginning just "good enough," never qualified as the goal here in the office. Standard limits, average coverage it just isn't what we do here and that is because of him. When you make a new purchase our office thinks about the best coverage for you personally and that is something that trickles down from the top. It's more than pressing buttons, it's knowing people needs and fulfilling them.

They push us to be better

It is easy to get in a rut of doing the same mundane tasks everyday, with a three on board your team, the ruts get shorter and more shallow over the years. New ideas and new methods are always welcome. Without threes, we might never have the courage to take big next steps to better ourselves and our companies.

They do what it takes

When it comes to servicing your insurance policies, an enneagram 3 like Johnny does what it takes to get you what you need. He does not shy away from making big sacrifices for his insureds. That is a real truth that is played out in several ways here at the office.

If you know an enneagram 3, take a minute today to encourage them and thank them for helping you see all the possibilities for tomorrow!

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