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Have you heard about the enneagram? It's a game changer in business and in relationships with employees and clients and we couldn't do what we do without it. It's seriously that helpful. We've got some incredible humans who work here in our office who have largely benefited from the enneagram. We think you can too! So here are a few fun ways to begin your enneagram journey!

Step One:

Take a simple assessment. There are several options that will get you the information you need. Take it and review it. Think about your overall self at all ages while you take the exam. Sometimes people get different results every time they take it, that's where step two comes in.

Step Two:

After taking an assessment, hit the books! It is very easy to decide your type based on funny memes or stereotypes but try not to. Read up on your number and the key motivations to learn more and determine your number, wings, and subtype. Check out this book!

Step Three:

After taking the assessment and studying up, check out some of the best instagram accounts on the world wide web. They are fun and give a bit of humor to a sometimes hard to swallow truth. @enneagramandcoffee @enneagramashton @enneagramandmemes @yourenneagramcoach @typologypodcast

Step Four:

Find a friend and encourage them to take the assessment, learn together!

We aim to be someone you trust, not something you worry about. We want your relationships to hold the same truths, that's why we encourage you to take the enneagram!

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